Sexual Energy and Positive Thinking

Here’s an interesting question from a reader of this newsletter:

“As a sceptical man, I’m not inclined to esoteric thinking and things like positive or wishful thinking, law of attraction and so on. Seems to me that the sexual energy require a similar way of thinking in order to develop the training, correct-me if I’m wrong”

Sexual energy, tension energy or any other kind of energy doesn’t require any kind of “belief” or wishful thinking.

It’s a binary situation. Either you can feel them and work with them or you can’t. If you can’t feel them, no amount of wishful thinking will be able to get you the results.

But naturally, as any kind of learning, if you start your learning or training process thinking “this doesn’t work and it’s all crap”, it’s not the right frame of mind to learn anything.

Be it sexual energy, soccer or planting potatoes!

If you start to learn soccer and you keep thinking how you hate to play, you won’t develop much skill in soccer.

That’s only common sense.

Having a clean slate and being open to the new experience is the right way to go.

So, not wishful thinking or blind belief, but just keeping yourself open.

Wishful thinking or positive thinking are only useful in the sense of giving you a positive quality of mind (as opposed to a negative one that can jeopardize your results).

Of course, never at the expense of critical thinking or recording the objective results.

Once you understand mind quality as we explain in the 10 Steps and Magnetic Gaze Level2 and Level 3, you might be able to use them in a different way.

In order to start exploring sexual energy in an objective way, start with the Sexual Energy Mastery training here:

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