sexual energy and tension energy

We focus mostly on two types of energy here in Charisma School:

Tension energy and sexual energy.

There’s a reason why we chose those two energies instead of the unlimited others we could have chosen.

Those two energies are the foundational energies of personal magnetism and sexual magnetism. Considering that’s what we focus in developing in Charisma School, it makes sense that we work with both of them.

When you understand any one of them, you understand magnetism.

The reason of choosing sexual energy is fairly evident. This is an energy that arises out of sex, sexual activity and pleasurable activities.

I love working with sexual energy as it always makes me feel good.

Tension energy might be harder to understand. Particularly if you haven’t yet started to work with it, or you’re at the early stages of training.

Tension energy is the energy of the Will. It invigorates you and gives you power.

Developing it is the recipe of vitality, that’s why it’s one of the cornerstones of the Vitality and Energy Training.

But – in a sense – it’s harder to develop and understand than sexual energy.

Everyone knows sexual energy in one way or another. You may have to “clean up” your awareness a little bit, and educate it so that you connect with the real sexual energy but overall, you’ll find it very familiar.

The same doesn’t happen with tension energy.

It takes a bit longer to truly connect with it. During the first exercises you feel intensely, or not so much, but it’s easier to lose it or not getting it.

Particularly because it’s not so common as sexual energy. You don’t feel it normally during your daily life.

Or… I’ll say it in a different way: you don’t RECOGNIZE it as easily.

Because it’s still there each time you have to use your Will in a stronger way.

It’s not like you don’t naturally have it inside of you. Quite the opposite, it’s there!

Just not so easily recognizable in an energy form.

Although it takes a bit longer to “get it”, it’s certainly worthwhile! And once you “get it”, you’ll wonder why took you so long considering it’s been a part of you for quite a long time.

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