Sexual Energy and True Charisma

Last week we discussed that the ultimate purpose of magnetism is to find and live your purpose and true life path. And for that, you begin by knowing your Will and removing the internal and external blocks that you may have that are stopping you from doing what you want.

But a student asked me, what’s sexual energy’s role in this? How does sexual energy fits in finding your purpose or life path?

The work with sexual energy also requires you to have good internal awareness, inner power, and projection. You also need to unblock the energy inside and outside – to be able to project sexual energy.

So the skills you need are the same as you would need for the ultimate level of charisma.

But there is a significant difference:

The depth of training.

If all you want is to be able to attract others sexually, then your training can be a lot shorter and easier. You don’t need the same depth (and length) of training as you would if you want to go to genuine charisma.

This requires you to learn much more about the different energies, Will, and unblocking. You’ll need to focus on more energies than just sexual energy.

While in the sexual energy training, you will focus on your sexual interactions and sexual energy overall, you’ll need to go deeper than this.

So it all depends on your goals. “Just” personal or sexual magnetism is much easier and faster than truly knowing yourself and your purpose.

I also didn’t start with this intention in mind. When I started, I only wanted magnetism. I wasn’t thinking about anything else. But the training was so much deeper than I first thought, and it was giving me so much that I just kept going – and I’m still going now even after 20 years.

Personally, I want to go as deep as I can. Fortunately, you don’t need to be as obsessed as me. You can go your own pace and stick with the benefits you seek without going further. Either way, this is an incredible journey!

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