Sexual Energy and What Else?

Here’s an interesting question from a sexual magnetism student:“Is sexual energy the only factor involved in attraction?”

Not at all. There are plenty of other factors.

Most likely you know most of them: physical attractiveness, wealth, fame, conversation skills, among others.

All these can be potential factors to improve your success rates in your dating life.

If you can improve your physical attractiveness, by all means it would be good. If you can be wealthier, your odds will also raise.

We all know this. Handsome, good looking & rich men usually have no difficulty in finding dates.

It’s the same with women.

However, most of these factors are not very easy to achieve. It’s hard to improve your physical attractiveness beyond a certain point without plastic surgery.

Or getting rich, I’m sure we all want that, but not everyone gets it.

Besides, these things are only indirectly improving your odds. You are never directly targeting what you need the most which is sexual attraction.

You can target sexual attraction through your conversation skills, which can indeed raise sexual energy in the person next to you.

Or you can go straight to the source and increase the sexual energy directly. That was my choice. Not to bother with plastic surgery, increasing the wealth or being very talkative, and instead, work on the energy that I’m interested in.

Straight to the point and direct to what we truly want. Targeting sexual energy directly.

But ultimately it’s a choice. There are several roads to get there. Development of sexual energy is not for everyone. Energy work is not easy, charisma and personal magnetism is not easy….

But it’s sure effective and rewarding!

More information on sexual energy here:

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