Sexual Energy as the Core of Interactions

Sexual energy is a profound new way of looking at relationships and interactions between men and women. You’ve heard about reading body language, using hypnosis or nlp, regurgitating patterns, using routines and so on. If nothing strikes out as getting to the true core of the subject, it’s because you haven’t really understood sexual energy.

Once you know and understand how to use it, you can see how everything else is just an expression of sexual energy.

That is what’s really at the core of the exchange of energies between men and women. Get the sexual energy projecting correctly, and it won’t matter what you’ll do.

If you want to use other psychological techniques, you can (although you won’t need it).

All the other techniques will suddenly increase in their efficacy simply because, at their root, ou
have the right type of energy.

The same way that a salesman can increase the efficacy of any kind of previously learned technique using tension energy, you can also use sexual energy with your own repertoire of techniques of attraction.

You don’t need to drop everything you’re doing now. No. Just use sexual energy on the background and you’re good to go on your patterns, pickup lines, body language, etc.

You can also choose not to use any of those techniques. It all depends on your own goals and objectives.

Those “psychological techniques” allow you to only develop a little bit of sexual energy and still get much improved results. So you don’t actually need a lot of sexual energy training with them.

More often than not, just discovering it is enough.

But if you want to drop those psychological techniques altogether, then you must dedicate a lot more time to training so that all of you is beaming with sexual energy!

Then you won’t need nothing else!

It’s up to you.

Discover your own sexual energy using the training program Sexual Energy Mastery:

And learn how to project it with the Sexual Magnetism training:

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