Sexual energy associated with shame and guilt?

What if your sexual energy brings negative emotions associated with it? Like guilt, fear, anxiety?

If, each time you feel sexual energy, whether through an exercise or in the real world, you feel negative in some way, you know something is wrong.

It means that sometime in your past, you – unconsciously – associated the rise of sexual energy with some uncomfortable and negative emotion, probably due to some event, and this stuck inside of you.

So now, even though there are no more negative events related to it, your mind still brings up this negative association.

And of course, it hurts your own sexual attractiveness and magnetism.

It doesn’t take much to understand why. It’s like each time you walked through any door you felt bad. Then, when you merely see a door in front of you, you already start to feel uneasy, restless and anxious since you already anticipate all the bad feelings you will be feeling when you walk through it.

The same happens with sexual energy. But with a larger problem… since these negative emotions will hinder your ability to project any kind of sexuality.

And as I keep on repeating:

If you want to have sex, you need to be sexual.

And it’s very hard to be sexual and have the sexual energy flowing inside of you, with such a strong negative emotions hindering it.

So it’s not “normal” (or desirable) that sexual energy brings along these negative emotions.

You want a feeling of pleasure, a good flow inside, without negativity.

We work this on Sexual Energy Mastery using a very bodily and energetic approach.

The feelings of guilt, shame, etc, all have concrete bodily and energetically manifestations in you. This is what you need to release and let go of.

You need to be feeling the sexual energy flowing in you and not these negative feelings.

Only then the sexual energy can really shine!

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