Sexual Energy contracting or expanding?

Sexual energy enters into a state of contraction if you are needy. You must understand why this happens.

Think about what happens when you are needy. You need to grab something; keep it for yourself; consume it, and get it.

All the energy movements are in the direction outside in. It’s a contraction mechanism. You need to get something from the outside to drop your own internal need.

It’s a contraction of energy. A vampiric state forces you to get something from the outside to “survive”.

Others feel it. Women smell it a mile away.

Why? Because this is taking their energy away, and women tend to be more sensitive than men about this. They feel it like someone is making them feel worse, with less energy and naturally want to get away.

This opposes the expansion of sexual energy – which is what we propose in Sexual Energy Mastery and all our sexual energy courses.

When you are expanding sexual energy, you are giving energy—not taking. You feel so highly charged with a sexual energy that you are giving it away.

Those around you won’t feel you taking your energy. Quite the opposite. They feel more sexually charged because you are the giver of energy.

So they feel much better around you without understanding why. It’s only normal, considering you give them a great “feel-good” sexual energy.

That’s the same with all kinds of magnetism, but it’s particularly relevant in sexual energy.

You always want to be expanding, not contracting and taking. Magnetism is an energy of expansion, not a contraction, and others will always feel better this way.

And as you can expect, when others feel better, they will like you more and want to be around you much more since you make them feel good.

That’s what we train in our course:
>>> Sexual Energy Mastery

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