Sexual Energy Development

We are flooded by sexual images every day. Merely walking on the street can be a very sexualized experience.Billboards, store windows, magazine covers and so on. Not to mention the sexuality we feel from others around us.

On most cases, we pass by them without thinking too much. Yet, they still work their magic unconsciously.

It’s impossible to be surrounded by all this without being affected. We begin to feel the sexual energy. Not exactly at that particular moment, but later on in the day, or the next day.

We may ignore it at a moment, but our unconscious registers it.

And we usually feel it not as a very pleasant energy, but as an urge, an energy of desperation. Instead of contributing to our well being, it actually becomes one more thing we are forced to deal with. Something you HAVE to do as opposed to something you WANT to do.

After all, any energy that is repressed will come out stronger. Just try to repress anxiety and NOT to be anxious and you’ll understand this very well.

Sexual energy is no exception. If you keep on repressing it, it comes out as something you have to RELEASE one way or the other. It comes out as a very uncontrolled type of energy.

If you think about it, many great men have been brought down from their careers and projects due to the uncontrolled sexual energy. I’m sure you won’t have to think much about it to discover a few names.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can learn how to control and use the sexual energy. You can even learn how to enjoy it and this way, all those billboards, store windows and magazine covers instead of dis-empowering you, will become a source of power!

Learn more about Sexual Magnetism in here:

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