With Sexual Energy, Everything Changes

There’s just no way someone who truly gets sexual energy can maintain the same status quo of not getting sexual attraction – unless it’s his or her choice.

Sexual energy is the unspoken language of sexual interactions.

It’s an energy quality that elicits sexual attraction from others around you.

When you use it right, it’s inevitable that your attraction levels grow exponentially.

You simply project much more sexuality around you than you have until that point.

It’s perfectly normal that you start to get attraction from others that already boxed you as “friend” a long time ago.

After all, the energy you are projecting is now completely different.

But for that, it’s imperative that you really understand sexual energy.

Just like in learning a normal language, it’s not enough to just know that the direct translation of any given word, just like: “pomme” is french for apple.

No, you also need to know how it all fits together, how to use it in a sentence and the overall language rules.

Sexual energy is not different.

It’s not enough to be lost on the details of all the exercises (as good and necessary as they may be), but it’s important you understand the big picture inside of your own energy system: what it is, how are you feeling it, are you projecting it, among others.

Understanding the big picture and how it applies to you personally is what will make a difference between just learning a few words in a foreign language or by actually speaking it fluently.

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