Sexual Energy: Feeling VS Projection

There is a common problem in sexual energy (or magnetism in general since this is not particular to sexual energy).A student tells me: “But I’m feeling extremely filled with sexual energy and still no one feels it around me. Everything is the same”.

The problem is obvious: this student may be feeling “extreme sexual energy” but he wasn’t allowing it to be projected.

There’s a difference between feeling and projection.

Just because you are feeling intensely inside of you sexual energy it doesn’t mean you are projecting it. You may be blocking it.

In other words, you may be preventing your sexual energy to be projected to the outside. Either by a wrong belief (“Sexuality is bad”) or by a wrong self-image (“I’m not this type of guy/girl”), or you still feel ashamed of your sexuality, among others.

If this happening, then no amount of internal exercises to develop sexual energy will do. You need to work on the reasons for these blocks.

If you aren’t consciously or unconsciously blocking it, then yes, merely feeling the energy is enough to develop sexual magnetism. After all, there are no barriers to the outside.

But if you have a barrier, something that is preventing you to project this feeling to the external world, then you may be feeling sexual energy intensely and no one else will feel it.

So if this is a problem for you: you can feel it intensely inside of you, but no one can feel it on the outside, then most likely projection blocking is the culprit.

On the “Become a Sexual Man” training you unblock your projection sources for sexual energy step by step.

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