How does Sexual Energy feels like?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“How does sexual energy feels like?”

Sexual energy is often confused with sexual desire, so I’ve explained some of the differences before.

It’s important you understand those two feelings are not the same.

But how exactly does sexual energy feels like?

We can differentiate 4 characteristics of it:

– Pleasant: Sexual energy simply feels good! It’s a very pleasant and enjoyable type of feeling. You just like to be infused with it.

If it’s not pleasant for you, it’s most likely due to your own blocks and repressions. Often times, it’s associated to negative feelings due to past events or upbringing.

As you can imagine, you won’t be able to use it correctly if each time you feel sexual energy you just feel bad. Then it becomes like an anchor pulling you back. You’ll just want to avoid it at all costs.

It’s only human nature, if you think about it. We are drawn to what feels good, and we are repelled by what feels bad. So, making it a pleasant and enjoyable for you is one of the first priorities.

– Expansive: It shouldn’t be felt only localized in the pelvic region or in any other area. It’s a feeling that should be felt everywhere in you.

Although you may move it in a sniper like way, overall, it’s natural quality is one of expansiveness. Just like spilled milk over a table top. It just tends to spread everywhere.

The localized feeling of sexual energy is associated to a needy and desperate type of energy.

While when you feel it all over your body, expanding, it’s associated to a much more abundant type of feeling.

– Abundant: You just want to share it with the world. It’s not a type of feeling that you just want to grab for yourself (needy, scarcity mindset). Instead, you want to distribute it, to give it away (abundance).

It feels just like you have a waterfall of energy inside of you. It will never disappear and will never run out. So you simply want to share it with everyone.

– Warm & Watery: Finally, it tends to be a warm watery energy (although there’s exceptions). It’s color tend to be reddish in nature. It’s one of the reasons of why it feels good.

It’s watery due to its abundant characteristic and warm mostly due to its pleasant feeling.

Due to these very pleasurable characteristics, it tends to be an energy very attractive to others. That’s why when you meet a sexually magnetic person you tend to be addicted to be around him or her. It just feels good to be involved in that energy.

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