Sexual energy is about giving

Sexual energy is like a fragrance that you exude; everyone can smell it anywhere you go.

Naturally, when you exude sexual energy, others will feel drawn to it since sex is our most basic natural energy.

We are all drawn to it, one way or another. Advertisers know this perfectly well, hence using so much sexual imagery and innuendo in marketing.

We are deeply wired to it, and that’s why it’s so powerful.

But this awareness is more than just for attraction purposes – as good as that can be.

It gives you the understanding of true magnetism: it’s not about taking something from someone; it’s about giving what you are – sharing your fragrance.

Many people still think that in magnetism, you somehow steal energy from others to grow your own.

But this is a gross misunderstanding of its true nature. It’s the exact opposite. You explosively share your own energy that others are drawn to.

You already have that energy inside yourself; you don’t need to steal it from others.

From this, we know that what you are doing now can be easily seen and felt like what you feel from others.

But the problem remains… if you are more drawn to others than they are to you, you are being pulled in by their magnetism instead of exuding yours. You are more focused on the energy of others than on your own.

This can make you reflect: what energy (or energies) are you being pulled toward? What kind of sexual energy? How does it feel inside of you?

You know this is the one you need to unblock and unleash inside of you since your internal blocks are stopping you from having it on your own, and you need to seek it from the outside.

That’s what we work on in the course:
>>> Sexual Energy Mastery

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