Sexual energy is not something that “happens”

It’s important to clear a misconception about sexual energy:
Sexual energy can’t be something that “happens” to you.
It’s not a muse that comes and goes as it pleases that you have no control over.
No, quite the opposite.
It’s something that you bring to whatever interaction and relationship you are in.
You need to develop your ability to elicit, feel and share the sexual energy in yourself anywhere anytime you want.
In other words, it’s your job to make yourself (and any interaction) sexual. Sexual energy comes from you, and you are sharing it in that interaction.
It’s not the other person’s job to bring the sexual energy to the relationship. If you “outsource” that, then the other person is the one that is sexually magnetic and is attracting you because you feel sexual when you’re around that person.
That’s the goal of being sexually magnetic: a sexually magnetic individual will bring sexual energy wherever he or she goes. And for that to happen, you need to be able to connect with sexual energy and raise it in you. To be there most of the time.
This can only happen through training, unblocking and understanding of this energy.
You need to be able to first feel the sexual energy in you. Understand what it is and when it naturally arises.
Then you need to make sure this energy is flowing as it should – freely – in your whole body, without blocks, tensions and hindrances. You are accepting it fully in all its facets inside of you.
Then you need to be able to connect with it in different situations. Understand that you don’t need a sexually arousing situation in order to elicit sexual energy. It can be there at anytime.
And finally, this needs to be projected outward. Other people need to feel it, not just you. If you are feeling everything internally, but you’re not allowing it to go out, then not much will be felt on the outside.
When this happens, then you know you become sexually magnetic.
We start the initial awareness and unblocking on the Sexual Energy Mastery training and continue with the projection with the Become a Sexual Man.

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