Sexual energy development is not exclusive to men.

In fact, as I wrote before, developing sexual magnetism in a woman tends to be much easier than in a man.

But they have different “sticking points”. Different overall difficulties.

A man tends to have more difficulty in the projection of sexual energy and a woman tends to have more difficulty in the acceptance and recognition of sexual energy.

I can propose an explanation for this fact.

Men have always been taught to not exteriorize or to limit their exteriorization, particularly at a sexual level.

It has always been easier for a woman to be concerned about her body and sexual projection than for a man. Only in the last few decades male sexualization became socially accepted.

On the other hand, when it comes to accepting and recognizing sexual energy at a bodily level, men have much more ease, due to the impulse and sexual energy within them being much greater and more persistent.

As such it´s easier to identify and work with.

Yet, what I wrote here, is – necessarily – a generalization. Some men have much more difficulty in accepting sexual energy, while some women have a lot of difficulty in the projection.

Depending on the circumstances of each individual, it may be easier or harder, faster or slower, but everyone can develop it with the necessary persistence and support.

Both men and women can develop sexual energy and the corresponding sexual magnetism. But, until now, Charisma School didn’t had a sexual energy training solely developed to women.

It has now changed with the launch of Sexual Energy Mastery – Women Edition.

Sexual Energy Mastery was a men training, but we’ve done some important changes to it in order to be suited for women as well.

To celebrate the launch of this new training, for the next 7 days (Until June 4th) it will have a special discounted price.

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