Sexual Energy Qualities

One trait of sexual energy that gives you further power on your ability to seduce is the way it can be projected in different qualities, depending on who is using it.

As an example, my sexual energy can be projected through an aggressive raw animalistic sexuality that leaves her feeling overwhelmed with desire.

While your sexual energy can be a very seductive and low talking sexuality which leaves her feeling romantically and emotionally attached to you.

Either way it’s fine!

We can both project sexual energy, although in different ways.

It’s similar to the qualities of personal magnetism we discussed before.

The same way your charisma and personal magnetism manifest themselves in different ways, your sexual energy can also be projected in different ways.

This seems a very abstract and theoretical knowledge but it’s not.

Far from it!

It makes all the difference in the world to have a more aggressive and fiery sexual energy or a more romantic and seductive sexual energy or a more smooth talking sexual energy and so on.

Although all can be good, you want to know exactly WHAT you are projecting.

What type of sexual energy do you naturally project?

What is more common for you?

You can then capitalize on this natural sexual energy and improve it. Improve your projection of this sexual energy quality.

And once you are successful with it, you can work to improve the other types of sexual energy which don’t
come as natural for you.

This way, you’ll become a complete seducer!

Capable of adapting your sexual energy into whatever energy is needed at the moment! The more qualities
you master, the more you success rate goes up.

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