Sexual Energy and Relaxation

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Do you need to be relaxed to feel sexual energy?”

Yes and No.

In the beginning, when it’s still hard to identify and feel sexual energy, being relaxed helps a good amount.

It’s hard to feel whatever energy you may have inside when you’re as tense as a bowstring. On this case, the only energy you’ll feel will be stress generated by the muscles.

It will obfuscate everything else.

The tension will simply not allow you to feel the sexual energy inside. It will act as a cape that covers the energy you have underneath.

The more you can be fully relaxed, the more you will be able to feel the sexual energy you have inside. That’s why it’s important to master some body relaxation exercises before you start with sexual energy work per se.

Skip this work, and you’ll have a world of trouble for the more advanced stages of sexual energy where you need precise energy awareness.

Once you can recognize and work with sexual energy, full relaxation won’t be a requirement anymore. You can use it with or without this full relaxation.

Fortunately for us!

If we needed to be fully relaxed in order to use sexual energy, it won’t be very practical or convenient, since in on our daily life we’re not fully relaxed – or fully tense for that matter.

A degree of relaxation is always necessary for any kind of magnetism – sexual magnetism included. But a certain degree of tension is also necessary.

Yet, if you are constantly tense, no other type of energy is allowed to come through. The negative stress energy will always be on the main stage.

If you are constantly fully relaxed, like jello, magnetism won’t be able to run in you.

A mix of both is always necessary. Not too much, not too little. Just in the middle.

How you discover this middle ground, is – as you might expect – through practice and specific exercises.

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