Sexual Energy Revolution

Sexual Energy has been the sticking glue that holds the attraction and seduction game together. But it’s also extremely tricky to understand and develop.

Energy work is not easy and is surrounded by a whole lot of misconceptions and misinformation.

Most likely you’ve tried some other techniques before without much success in your overall sexual attractiveness.

Indeed a big part of those techniques are nothing more than elaborate visualizations that may train your
visualization skills but not much more.

Yet, a true sexual energy practice is nothing of the sort! It has direct and very measurable repercussions on your every day life.

When your sexual energy increases you can feel it, and so can others!

It’s important to understand what happens when your sexual energy increases.

As your sexual energy increases you won’t necessarily want to have sex all the time, but your sexual motor will always be running. You continuously send a sexual signal to everyone around you. Your sexually energy is much more open and free.

Best of all, there’s an enormous increase in your sexual attractiveness.

Let’s think about this in the opposite way: have you ever talked with someone who was consistently talking negatively and complaining?

How did you felt when you were around this person?

The obvious answer is: not good! Most likely you got out of each meeting feeling negative. This person had a negative or bad energy associated with him or her.

The same way, when you meet someone with a high degree of sexual energy in them, it’s inevitable to feel the sexuality in yourself and attraction toward this person. Even if it’s of the same sex (and you are not gay), you still feel you want to be around this person.

That’s what we are aiming to change with the development of sexual energy: your baseline of sexual energy so that everyone can feel the sexuality around you, increasing your overall sexual attractiveness.

This is not easy and has a lot of culprits that may sway you from reaping the benefits you seek from sexual energy.

Until now, Charisma School didn’t had a training solely developed to full out sexual energy development. One that goes into the depths of your energy body, removes all the sexual blocks and start to radiate this sexual energy more powerful than before.

More information tomorrow!

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