Sexual holy scandals

I’m sure you watch and read the news and often see priests, rabbis, meditators, monks, spiritual teachers involved in sexual scandals.

This is not exclusive to any one religion or one tradition. It’s everywhere. It’s only a matter of who can hide it better.

Sexual exploits in convents and monasteries where everyone is supposed to be celibate is so common that all comedians use this in their routines one way or the other.

And I’m not even entering the arena of politics. We are far from the days where politicians were supposed to be our honorable and noble leaders.

I’m sure you don’t have any illusions from them anymore. And finding a politician involved in a sexual scandal is not even major news anymore.

But spiritual individuals still maintain their holy status.

These are people that we are supposed to look up, role models of a righteous life and those who live the spiritual path.

Those that have mastered their human side and dedicated their life to the sacred and holy. They are above mundane matters like sex and money.

Yet, they show their human side far too often. Scandals are common.

You can judge them as individuals without morals or principles, as betrayals of their oaths, but it’s much more than this.

It’s related to the ignorance and suppression of their sexual nature.

As much as some people or traditions would like to avoid the topic, sexuality is part of being human. You can’t dissociate yourself from it, regardless of how much you try.

You can say how dirty it is, or how evil it is, but your sexual energy will still be there and if you ignore it and repress it – as many spiritual traditions do -, it will simply return even more powerfully.

Sex is on your most primal brain, your morals are on the – most recent – frontal lobes. In other words, you can’t win against this powerful drive.

It’s far more ancient and primal than any rationality.

Ignoring or repressing it, it’s like ignoring a wild bull inside a fine porcelain shop. The bull can be sedated for a while, but eventually it will wake up… and then you know it won’t go over well.

You must first understand how sexual energy works inside of you. What are your desires, what do you crave, how does it moves inside of you, what does it make you feel, and so on.

Without avoidance, repression or judgment, simply observing. You need to first understand and bring it into your awareness.

If you start to analyze it morally or according to your superego, then you’ll quickly repress it since you’ll feel things you are not supposed to be feeling.

Be completely open to yourself.

Then you need to learn how to work with it. Not repress it, but work with exactly what you have inside. Working with what you really feel, and not with what you are supposed to be feeling.

You need to understand all energies you have inside. How they shape you and your behavior.

You can’t just repress or ignore the parts that you don’t want. Acceptance is the road to mastery, not suppression.

If you doubt this fact, just watch the news. You’ll see the results of plenty of people who repress it, hide it and suppress it.

That’s definitely NOT my approach or the approach of Charisma School.

We strive to accept, understand and work with our sexual energy as much as possible. Our training Sexual Energy Mastery gives you the guidelines on how you can do this. It shows you a path to awareness, acceptance and then control.

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