Sexual Magnetism and Flirting

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“What’s the difference between sexual magnetism and flirting?”

Flirting is something you do. Sexual magnetism is something you are.

Flirting is an activity. Sexual Magnetism is a state of being.

You can be good at flirting, but it doesn’t mean that you are sexually magnetic.

Being sexually magnetic is like being rich and having your money working for you, earning interests without you doing anything.

You could be flirting or not, well dressed or not, in a good hair day or not, yet, you would still be sexually attractive to others around you.

It’s an appealing and natural state of sexuality.

It’s an energy you have inside of you that gets projected to the outside with no conscious effort.

It will make all your flirting and seductive efforts a lot easier.

It’s like you develop a natural attractive charm to the opposite sex. The right words simply come out.

This is not an instantaneous development. It takes training to accomplish. As much as I would like it to make it an easy path, it certainly isn’t one. Especially for someone who is naturally retracted and unconsciously afraid of sexuality.

But it’s possible and likely if you just follow the proven path of sexual magnetism.

Start to develop your sexual magnetism with the training:
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