Sexual Mind Control

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can we pull sexual energy From others? Does sexual mind control exists? I heard some men are able to pull sexual Energy from the erotic chakra of the female body. They go as far to say that the female sexual energy are drawn to them and actually empowers them with hypnotic attractiveness.”

Yes, that’s certainly possible.

But the question isn’t how. Most students with a good energy mastery are able to figure out how to do that.

The real question is WHY.

If your energy mastery and Will are good enough to achieve a “sexual mind control”, then they are also good enough to achieve a good sexual magnetism.

In sexual magnetism you aren’t manipulating anyone into being attracted to you. It’s like you spread a sensual perfume around you that attracts others.

No manipulation is needed and attraction can be very straightforward.

So why would you need these dark tactics simply to achieve a better attractiveness?

If you lie, cheat and manipulate you are having a vampiric energy. Instead of spreading and expansing your energy, you are contracting and taking. It’s abundance vs neediness that we have discussed many times before.

You may achieve your short-term goal of manipulating someone, but in the long run, the costs will be way higher than whatever short-term benefit you may have gotten.

Remember: what goes around, comes around.

While with sexual magnetism, there’s no manipulation, no vampiric energy… you are sharing a good and sexual energy for everyone who wants to feel it.

It’s expansive and abundant. Those in contact with you will always feel better after being with you… never worse.

No one will feel cheated or manipulated. Simply a good sexual feeling will remain.

Personally, for me this is much more appealing.

Although I understand the alure of the “sexual mind control”, having full power and control over another person. But this is something that won’t lead to anywhere good, nor would it be sustainable on the long term.

And considering easier and better solutions exist, there’s no reason why “sexual mind control” would need to be used.

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