Sexual Projection Block

There was a point in my sexual energy development where I was very good in manipulating sexual energy inside of me but I would be terrible in consciously projecting it.

I was actually WORSE than before.

The projection of sexual energy would be great if I wasn’t doing anything. In other words, I would actually get approached and generate attraction when my mind was completely distracted from sexual energy techniques. This means it was doing its task and sexual energy was present in me.

Just like money in the bank earning interests.

But then once I tried to actually project it and use with intent in some particular occasion, I would fail miserably!

There was a particular block in me in the time of focused projection, that wasn’t present in automatic and natural projection.

This is particularly common. Energy techniques working subconsciously – when our mind is not on them – but once we try to consciously use them, it’s sabotaged.

There’s nothing wrong in just doing “natural projection” and completely avoid “focused projection”. You would get results the same way. Just do the Sexual Energy Mastery training, and instead of focusing on any technique of sexual projection, just get used to the sexual energy flowing in your body.

This creates the “natural projection”, where attraction is created naturally.

No harm in just being comfortable with that.

But on some occasions, you may wish to have a more targeted approach. This is where the “focused projection” comes in. And also often where the conscious blocks interfere. They are often an inner power leak and should be handled.

Instead of dodging the areas you have problems with, you gain much more to face them straight on and getting them fixed.

You can find out several leaks in your own magnetism which can be fixed, increasing tenfold the power of your influence and attraction.

Don’t get comfortable in some situation just because you are getting the first successes. Go forward and continue to grow! Fix the leaks that are preventing your magnetism to improve exponentially.

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