Sexual results

In the previous email, I wrote about the importance of having external, real-world results as feedback for your magnetism.

With sexual magnetism, this is even easier.

Either you are getting sexual attraction, or you aren’t.

There’s no other way of analyzing this.

As good as it may be for you to feel sexual during your day, either this sexual energy is projected and others are feeling it, or it’s not.

And if it’s not, you know you have something to fix.

Most likely, it’s related to projection blocks as you work in Become a Sexual Man.

Of course, if you don’t interact with other people during your day, you won’t be able to have any feedback on it.

If you live in a small town, it might be hard to do this.

Or if you work at home without seeing anyone else.

Then you can’t get any feedback. Your only option is to pray for an attractive delivery person.

You’ll need to either change your lifestyle or adjust your goals. Sometimes it’s hard to do both.

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