Sexual Rigidity

One of the biggest issues for men in sexual attraction is getting “energetically rigid” during an interaction with a woman.

Keep in mind this rigidity may be only energetic or it can be muscular as well.

It’s often both.

Some men simply become an almost completely different person when they are interacting with an attractive woman or when they are in some conversation which has the slightest sexual tension.

There’s a huge gap in themselves when they are with friends or in a date.

This can have different types of manifestations.

Like having a “blank mind” and not knowing what to say. Your mind can simply go blank and the conversation doesn’t flow.

Or nervousness and awkward interactions.

And, you also tend to avoid any type of healthy sexual tension and flirting. Your rigidity becomes like a solid wall where any attempt of sexuality simply bounces back.

This tends to be a big problem in achieving any sort of attraction. When sexual energy doesn’t flow, the person who you are interacting with will only see you as a “friend”.

Or worse, as an awkward man.

While, when there’s no rigidity and you are welcoming sexual energy in all your encounters, you’re bound to exponentially increase your sexual success.

How could you not?

You are no longer a wall bouncing back any type of sexuality, but you’re now the very light house of sexuality.

You are an emitter, not a wall.

But rigidity must be gone for you to be this emitter of sexuality.

This is not something that works with any type of tension in you.

You never see any successful seducer who is energetically or physically tense on an interaction.

Quite the opposite. They are relaxed and, consciously or unconsciously, enjoying all the sexual energy that comes from the interaction.

This is beyond being able to feel sexual energy.

It’s not enough to be able to feel it and allow it to flow when you are at home alone.

This is for sure necessary before you handle the rest. But if you are still energetically (or physically) tense in your sexual interactions, if sexual energy is stuck, then this rigidity must be handled.

That’s what we work on the new sexual energy training:
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