Should you always follow your energy?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Should I always follow my energy?”

This question was done in a context of feeling increasingly more of his own energy. When you start to become aware in a deeper level you’ll feel the energy pulling you into certain behaviors and actions.

Should you always follow it?

The answer is… not always.

As you start to become more aware of your energy you’ll also need to differentiate the different ways your energy “speaks” with you.

For example: energy that is flowing is not the same as the energy that is blocked.

When you feel a block, that energy is pulling you to a certain behavior. But it’s a behavior that won’t be good for you since the energy is blocked. It’s contracting instead of expanding – hence it won’t be a magnetic behavior.

So it’s not like energy is an all knowing guide that you should blindly follow.

You should first learn about the energy. Particularly learn about the energy that you want to develop, so that you know when the energy is leading you into behaviors that are conductive to your goals (or not).

If you learn about magnetic energy, then you’ll also learn when the energy you have running inside is NOT flowing correctly and it’s NOT conductive to magnetism.

So, you shouldn’t follow the energy that is not conductive to magnetism. Instead, you need to re-educate your energy inside to closely match your goals.

In short: the energy is not always right and you shouldn’t be blindly following what you feel just because you’re aware of your energy.

You do need to differentiate the different ways the energy is speaking with you so that you can focus on what is more conductive to your goals.

The short answer: follow the RIGHT kind of energy.

It’s the exact same thing that happens with your mind. Whatever you think isn’t always right. What you hear/see/feel in your mind is not gospel. You can change it and change it to what you WANT to be thinking – this way you train your mind to give you thoughts that lead to certain goals and objectives.

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