Should you Hoard Energy?

Here’s an interesting question from a CS student:

“Would you agree then that the more energy a man retains whether he just wants personal magnetism or to be a monk the more powerful a man becomes?”

The answer is yes…BUT…

The goal is not to be “hoarding energy”.

Energy needs to be used.

Whether it is for a spiritual purpose (like in a case of a monk or spiritual hermit) or in a case of personal magnetism (which needs to be projected to the outside world).

There’s no point in developing this energy if you’re not going to use it. “Power” – whatever this means for you – doesn’t come from the energy alone. It comes from your ability to use the energy in a productive and controlled way.

Having a lot of energy without using it or directing it somewhere can be hazardous.

Freud talked about this in a different way with his instinctual energy. He knew that this uncontrolled energy if not channeled or handled properly could give rise to several psychosomatic illnesses and problems that trouble individuals. Psychosomatic medicine is now a proven and well researched field.

The principle is the same here.

That’s the problem with stress. If you can harness and use the stress energy then it’s a very powerful source of power for you (we call it tension energy). But leave it uncontrolled, and it can be very negative with many negative side effects as we all know from scientific research.

So, theoretically, if you know how to channel and use the “stress” energy as a CONTROLLED source of power, all you need is a high stress job and you don’t even need to do any more energy generation exercises.

This is a beautiful theory that rarely works in practice, since a high stress job also leads to less awareness and control over your own mind, body and energy – so you have a big amount of energy just roaming free inside of you without any kind of control.

Hence the importance of the energy development exercises AS WELL AS inner power.

They work in combination.

You develop the energy, learn to control it with the exercises, but you also train your mind to be able to handle this influx of energy and direct it to what you want.

The energy development exercises are essential for you to recognize the energy, increase it inside of you and learn how to handle it… but so is inner power and overall control of your Will so you can direct it into your own objectives.

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