Should you push yourself?

In the relation to last week post, a student wrote:

“This is a great post. I’m going through some hardships right now with my job and trying to start a business and completing my training daily. It’s really hard, not much time to get everything done. Sometimes I don’t have time to workout, and when I get home at night I don’t always feel like doing my second session of Magnetic Gaze trainings. I’m so tired I just want to close my eyes and sleep.

By pushing ourselves to get things done even when we’re dead tired will it increase your inner strength so as it gets easier to do those things without so much inner resistance?”

On the last post I gave you some examples of people with real difficulties in their life. Something that they really couldn’t change, even if they wanted to… and how they overcame it.

But that doesn’t mean the difficulties in your life are something you can’t change.

Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Only you can know that.

I certainly can’t know that.

Maybe there is a way your life can be easier. Maybe by applying a few changes here and there.

It’s important that you make this reflection of your own life.

With that said, if those hardships and troubled times are inevitable, then the more you follow through on your Will, the easier your mind will get on with what you want/need to do.

When you need to do something hard, it’s normal for your mind to try to deviate you from that path. Your mind seeks the easy road – let’s rest, browse facebook, watch netflix, play a game.

That’s what your mind wants to do, to get the easy way out.

And your good intentions of doing something productive, or something that demands some effort, will tend to go down the drain.

Your mind will naturally deviate you from that path.

But… the more you set an intention and follow through on it, the more your mind gets used to follow through on what you want to do.

Hence… your inner power increases.

Your mind slowly starts to understand that resistance is futile since you’re still going through with it, despite the mental resistance.

It doesn’t mean it won’t be hard – you’ll still be tired – but eliminating this mental resistance, on the long run, will surely make it a lot easier.

In 10 Steps to Inner Power there’s an exact protocol to get your mind to follow through on your intention. In fact, the whole training is to get your mind to obey your Will. Little by little, it builds up until you get a strong and solid Will connection and inner power.

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