Simple concentration guideline

Concentration has a simple guideline: you can easily concentrate on anything you are intensely interested in.

And when you can concentrate on something, then time flies much easily and you end up doing that task a lot better, achieving better results in what you do.

There’s often no problem in getting a teenager concentrated in a video game. Or even a social media feed. After all, those are designed to entertain and to capture your attention through various psychological mechanisms.

It’s much harder to get the attention of a teenager in school. The interest is very much reduced on most cases.

And although it’s useful to know this guideline, in practical terms, you may wonder how does it change anything.

After all, it’s not like you can fake interest in something.

Either you are interested in something or you aren’t. Either you want to do it or you can’t.

Only that it’s not so simple.

Creating interest is possible… but it depends on your Will and inner power.

When you see something as an obligation, something you MUST do, then generating genuine interest is almost impossible. You are doing it because you have to, not because you want to.

Doing something out of an obligation, it’s never a pleasure, so no interest is generated.

But the thing is… this happens very often to those who are victims of their circumstances. People who seem to live in a life they don’t want to live.

Put it plainly, we are never obligated to do anything. Fortunately, in our western world slavery doesn’t happen anymore – at least openly.

You can always quit your job, or choose to do something else.

(Granted that you won’t have such a freedom of choice as a teenager or child – and that’s good thing -, but I’m assuming you are an adult!)

If you are constantly doing something out of an obligation, then you aren’t really accepting your choices. You are a victim. Not someone who owns his own life.

If you keep repeating sentences like: “My boss forced me to do X”, “My mother is making me do Y”, “My friends are really pushy”, “I have to do this”… you know you are victim and are not moving through the world with inner power and Will.

Don’t get me wrong. We all have to do things we would prefer not to do at any given moment. But at the end of the day it’s all YOUR decision. Not anyone else. And if you are constantly doing things that feel like an obligations, then it’s also YOUR decision.

You are deciding to stay in the job you hate and keep doing out of obligation. Your reasons are your own, but you are deciding to do so. And this is what you need to keep in mind.

If you decide to stay – for whatever reason – and do the tasks you are obligated to do, you better change your mind and mental state into accepting it as something you WANT to do. As something that’s your decision – not anyone else’s.

And this way, you regain your power, and increase your tasks interest. Of course it also forces you to look inside and understand if this is really what you WANT to do, it also forces you to connect with your Will and Inner Power.

So it’s not an easy trick or exercise you can use when you are bored.

And that’s why concentration and inner power are very much related and intertwined. You can’t have one without the other. It will be very hard to concentrate deeply on something that you are doing out of sheer obligation with zero interest.

To use FULL and POWERFUL concentration you need this inner power. You need to ACT according to your Will and what you truly want.

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