State of reaction or action

Many people live in a constant state of NOT doing and NOT being. They live in a state of reaction instead of action.

It’s not like they are deciding to do something. They are only reacting.

“I have to do this” instead of “I want to do this”.

Their life is a constant obligation.

When you hear these people speak, everything has a reason. They are forced to do X because of Y. There’s always a reason not to do what they want to do.

This is not the way of someone with inner power and Will.

If you have inner power, you aren’t constantly reacting and forced to do something. No, your days are filled with the things you WANT to do.

And it’s not like someone with inner power will spend their days drinking margaritas at a beach. Not at all. But their actions are determined by them and them alone.

In other words, you are deciding your actions, not anyone else. This makes it something that you want. Therefore, you are using your Will.

You don’t want to go every day to your job? Start to take steps to switch careers.

You are constantly forced to do something with your friends that you don’t want to do? Tell them what you propose instead. Start doing those activities or find a group of friends that enjoy those activities.

I know it’s a simplistic view when put it like that. Indeed, life is a lot more complicated. But this is about your internal attitude.

Instead of having an internal attitude of obligation, you have an inner attitude of power and Will.

Take actions that you decide, not anyone else.

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