Staying in your magnetic couch

You can only evolve in your magnetism by stepping out of your comfort zone. There’s no way around that.
That’s the harder point for most students to grasp.
While you are comfortably sitting in your couch you won’t evolve much in your magnetism.
You can easily become magnetic alone in your room. Do a few exercises and feel great. There’s no problem there. I’m sure your dog will find you extremely appealing and influential.
But… if when you get out in the world nothing much is happening, you know you aren’t really magnetic.
Of course, “alone in your room” type of exercises are absolutely needed and the only way you have to get really deep into your own mind, body and energy… but they must be complemented with outside practices.
This may be a shocking statement but if your goal is to be magnetic in the world, then you must be outside – in the world.
If your goal is to influence or attract people in any way, then you must be out there with people.
It’s not like you go on a 3 month isolation retreat with a lot of practices, and then come out and all of a sudden you are a magnetic god with everyone bowing as you walk on the streets.
This won’t happen anymore than you can become a professional tennis player without ever having played against an opponent.
If you want to be a great public speaker, then… surprise, you’ll need to speak in public as often as you can.
You also can’t become a good salsa dancer without ever dancing with a partner.
Why do you think that with magnetism this is any different?
If you want to be able to influence and attract people, you need to be around people, attempting to influence and attract them. Check the results, notice what’s wrong, fix it and repeat.
There’s no way around that.
It’s only when you are out into the world that you can actually observe what is working and what is not or what limitation or problems do you have.
But it’s of course a lot easier to avoid this and stay within your comfort zone.
Just like for a tennis player it’s a lot easier to keep playing against a wall instead of an opponent. You sure won’t suffer heavy losses.
But you also don’t know where you stand, what your true issues are and you won’t evolve.
That’s one of the reasons our foundational training 10 Steps to Inner Power most of the exercises are to be done outside in the midst of your daily living. It’s fundamental that you have this habit right from the start.

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