Can you stop having negative energy?

I’ve often receive questions of students saying that they still feel negative energy inside of them after X exercise.

It’s hard for me to answer these type of questions, because negative energy is part of everyone, and it’s hard to know what is too much or simply a “normal amount”.

What you need to understand is that there will always be negative energy, negative feelings, and so forth.

It’s not like you can always be feeling positive energy inside of you. Some part of negative energy will always be there.

Remember that we have negative feelings for a reason. We feel fear because if we didn’t, we would have been eaten by a lion or bitten by a snake very early of our evolution.

We feel disgust because certain foods are not good for us to eat.

And so on.

All these emotions, negative feelings and negative energy are part of us and will continue to be.

It’s also good that we feel the negative energy if we are talking to someone that makes us feel bad. Otherwise, we would be drained afterward and we wouldn’t know why. If we feel it, at least we can protect ourselves and stop the interaction much sooner.

If you’re going to speak for a crowd, it’s normal to feel some anxiety – regardless of how many times you have done it before.

For example, the great cellist Pablo Casals had paralyzing bouts of stage fright prior to each one of his performances – he was very open about that. He said:

“Nerves and stage fright before playing have never left me through-out the whole of my career. Can you realize that at each of the thousands of concerts I played at, I felt as bad as I did on that first occasion? The thought of a public concert always gives me a nightmare.”

Yet, he always performed… and brilliantly. His Will power was strong to overcome it. Otherwise it would have been easier to not perform.

You can feel more, as Pablo Casals did, or you can feel less, but that shouldn’t be debilitating anxiety. That shouldn’t be an anxiety that stops you from doing it or stops you from doing it as best as you can.

I’m sure that if Pablo Casals worked on it, he would have reduced his anxiety and overall negative energy in a large degree.

But should it be completely gone? I don’t know. Maybe he used it to fuel his brilliant performances. So, how far should you take it?

You can certainly use energy methods to reduce your negative energy to a very large degree:

– You can use it to reduce your baseline negative energy – that’s a very important aspect. That negative energy that seems to be always with you and make you feel bad without any particular reason. This hinders your magnetism.

– You can use it to reduce the debilitating anxiety, fear and negative energy. The one that stops you from either doing it at all, or doing it at your best.

– You can use it until positive energy overpowers the negativity that you feel inside.

The most important part is working with it until you’re not affected by it in a significant negative way. How far do you want/should take it, it’s something only you can know, but don’t expect to completely eliminate it.

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