Strength of Purpose and Magnetism

Here’s an interesting reader question:“Does having strength of purpose develops magnetism?”

It sure does!

When we have a deep purpose, our energy flows through it. Even if we’re doing a lot of other things wrong, the magnetism can still flow.

That’s why there are many magnetic people who never even heard of this training.

So yes, you can develop a good quality magnetism by having a strength of purpose, or a deep purpose for your life.

Yet, I wish it was this easy. To devote our lives to one specific purpose – often much bigger than ourselves – it’s not something you can choose to do.

You can’t exactly say:

“Hey let’s have some deeper purpose so I can be magnetic.”

It beats the point.

It’s more profound than that. You can almost say the purpose chooses you. To invest all your energy and Will in this purpose, goes far beyond a conscious decision. It must come straight from a deeper part of you.

Only this way the magnetism grows.

This also makes it terribly impractical for the normal everyday individual like you and me who just wants to be more magnetic and influential.

I would say that devoting to a deeper purpose is an even harder road than training yourself to be magnetic. Far more time and investment are needed than a simple training.

Start the magnetism development with the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power:

Followed by the Personal Magnetism training where we focus on the more exterior aspects:

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