Subconscious as a storehouse

Here’s an interesting quote from Atkinson:

“As Man advances on the Conscious plane, his store of Sub-conscious knowledge becomes to a great extent the result of his own Conscious mentation, and less the result of the thoughts and suggestions of others. A man of limited reasoning ability—one who uses his Conscious powers of thinking but little—has a Sub-conscious store almost entirely composed of impressions which he has obtained from others.

The suggestions and thought-impulses of others go to make up nearly his entire stock of knowledge. He has thought but little himself—in fact, scarcely knows how to think for himself, and depends almost entirely upon others for his mental concepts.

As Man advances in reasoning powers he thinks out things for himself, and passes along the result of that thinking to the great sub‑conscious storehouse. And such a Man realizes what he is—feels and recognizes the existence of the Real Self, and begins to create on the thought-plane. He is no longer a mere automaton — he has begun to act for himself. And as he progresses this power grows.

He makes use of the Subconscious plane of thought, but he fills the storehouse with new, fresh, impressions and conclusions, and gradually but surely eradicates the old negative, erroneous impressions that formerly filled his Subconsciousness. A strong, vigorous, positive thought, sent fresh from the Conscious plane, will neutralize a dozen negative thoughts that have been lodged in his Subconsciousness and which have been doing much to drag the man down, and keep him down.

If we do not think thoughts for ourselves, somebody else’s thoughts and suggestions will fill up our subconscious
storehouse, and we will be a creature of their thoughts, instead of having a stock of self-made original thoughts. Many of us have placidly accepted the world’s thoughts of Fear, Superstition, Worry, Disease, Poverty, Narrowness, Condemnation, Bigotry, etc., without hesitation, and our mental storehouse has been filled with such trash. When we break our fetters and shake off our bonds, and are free, then we dare to think for ourselves and we soon begin to stock up our Subconsciousness with bright, fresh, new thoughts of our own, and the old negative thoughts find themselves crowded out or neutralized by the positive thoughts which are now pouring in.

If you will carry in your minds the idea of the Subconsciousness being a great storehouse, filled with thoughts which you have passed along to it from the Conscious plane, and which thoughts are constantly manifesting themselves in action, you will be careful to allow nothing but the very best thought material to pass along to be stored up. You will refuse admittance to the negative thoughts arising in your own mind, and you will refuse
admittance to the adverse suggestions of others.”

Atkinson here is describing the control over your thoughts, images and energy that it’s fundamental to have in order to develop a strong magnetism.

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