Synergistic exercises

Most of the exercises that you read in Charisma School trainings are synergistic. They work in combination with each other and reinforce one another.

They are not supposed to be done in isolation.

Just because you’ve done the Vitality and Energy Training a year ago, it doesn’t mean that this course is done with and you never think about that again.

No, quite the opposite.

You may have done the training and the exercises contained in it, and now you have more tools, more awareness, more knowledge that you can use in your next trainings… and in your life.

That’s the most important goal. To use the knowledge and skills you gain in one training into your next one.

And then regardless of the order that you do the different trainings, they all compound on each other.

Similar to the magic of compound interests. Each exercise you do will tend to become more and more powerful with the more you add to it.

This is the same logic at work as to why a master guitarist practicing his scales is completely different than a beginner, even though the exercise is the same one.

This is not just about your own awareness – as important as it is – but the different skills. The concentration, the energy unblocking, the inner voice, the intention, the energy movements, and so on.

You may learn the inner voice technique in the 10 Steps to Inner Power and Will Mastery, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t use it in the Magnetic Gaze exercises or any other training.

Little by little you’ll start to complement each exercises with all your cumulative skills, making them more powerful.

And hopefully, not just in the exercises but also all across your life. What you learn is rarely an isolated exercise but part of something bigger – that’s what you need to understand with each exercise.

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