The Gaze and Your Mental States

A few days ago we discussed the directed mind vs the fuzzy mind. But there's one aspect we haven't touched yet. When you become aware of the deeper processes of your mind, you notice that your eyes are truly the window of your soul. This is not just a common saying....

How to Develop a Magnetic Gaze That Attract Anyone Anytime

  What will you get from having a magnetic gaze? Have a gaze that attracts people to you Others won't be able to look away from your eyes Everyone will becoming magnetically attracted to your eyes Imagine that while you're talking with someone from the opposite...

How To Use A Neti Pot (Day 10)

This is Day 10 of the ecourse “Boost Your Vitality and Stamina With Body Cleansing & Purification”. The neti pot is an amazing cleansing technique of the Ayurvedic tradition that completely cleanses your sinus. If you only take one thing out of this whole course,...

How To Wash Your Eyes And Increase Their Natural Glow (Day 3)

This is Day 3 of the ecourse “Boost Your Vitality and Stamina With Body Purification & Cleansing”. Today's topic is: How to wash your eyes. I'm going to share you a technique that not only washes your eyes but it's also a powerful and natural way to release the...

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