The importance of focus in your practice

We are currently living in a materialistic age. Even modern spirituality is materialistic. It's not uncommon for someone to shop around for spiritual practices. "Now I feel like doing a bit of taoism" Then a couple of months later: "I'm going to a buddhist seminar"...

Do it Once, Not 3 Times

A famous and prolific clergyman of the XIX century was asked how he could accomplish so much more than other men. He replied: “I don’t do more, but less, than other people. They do all their work three times over: once in anticipation, once in actuality, once in...

Concentration for What?

Here's a question from a reader: "What are some signs to look for to know that your ability to concentrate is improving?" The obvious answer is: you can stay focused for a longer period of time. But that's not the whole story. Concentration work, as we do it in...

The Dangers of Concentration

Last week I shared a video with you with three concentration exercises, you can check it out here: you've already worked with some of these exercises and started to become more attentive to your focus during the day....

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