mental state

Active vs Passive

Here's an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson "In order that the student may grasp the idea that I wish to convey regarding the use of suggestion as a means of exerting personal influence, I would have him understand that the mind has two general functions,...

How to unconsciously manifest

Here's a compelling quote by Atkinson: "There is a certain point to which I would direct your attention at this stage. I refer to the well-known psychological fact that “mental states express themselves in physical action.” Every mental state has its associated...

Caffeine for your mental state activation

Here's an interesting question from a student: "How do substances like caffeine relate to the activation of the Will? Many people, myself included, frequently drink them to activate ourselves." Caffeine it's a stimulant. So overall, it helps in overall activation and...

I live in a different inner state than you

I was walking with Fabricio in a neighborhood filled with big, luxurious houses. We were both minding our own thoughts and weren't talking. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a dog jumped inside of a gated house, and started barking violently at us as we passed the...

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