Tratak and the Magnetic Gaze

Here's an interesting question from a Magnetic Gaze student: "What stops someone who practices tratak from being able to use the magnetic gaze with tratak alone? There is widely available information on performing tratak, but you don't see people who candle gaze...

Tratak and Cognitive Evolution

Fortunately for all of us, we don't need to keep with the same cognitive ability we had when we were born.I can definitely say my cognitive abilities are much better now than they were when I was younger. Which goes against the common scientific theories which say we...

The Role of Visualization

Visualization is heavily misunderstood, as well as, over and under used. Very few people truly understand what it is and how to use it.In general, it's being done in a very light and casual way, which makes it no more valuable than simple daydreaming. If you get any...

The Powerful Tratak

A lot has been said and written about the Tratak technique. In some traditions it's simply an introductory practice to other forms of meditation. Something like a "warm-up". In other traditions is a form of guru adoration. Others use it for eye practice in a way to...

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