The Taoist Practices of Ejaculation Control

The last email I sent about celibacy raised another series of questions: How about if we avoid ejaculation? Does it work? Is it useful for our magnetism?This is a different matter than complete celibacy.

By avoiding ejaculation you still have sex. You just avoid the loss of energy that comes with ejaculation.

While it can be good and useful for your energy, if you are going to do it, make sure you know what you’re doing.

There are plenty of people harmed by these practices who developed serious health conditions. Especially by practicing it on the long term – there’s usually no harm in doing it a few times.

Usually this happens by taking the practice out of a context.

Avoidance of ejaculation was popularized in the West by taoist teachings. It is done within the taoist system to avoid the loss of energy associated to ejaculation and to channel it to higher spiritual practices.

If you aren’t channeling it anywhere – or worst, you aren’t doing the transmutation right -, it may cause serious physical complications.

Can you still do it without any kind of energy practices/knowledge and not be harmed by it?

Sure. But you are leaving it to chance and your own subconscious processes. It’s never a good idea to leave it to blind luck.

Can it be useful for your sexual magnetism?

Yes, it can.

Although I don’t recommend it to most people since their energy control (the manipulation of energy) needs to be quite high to be able to it right without physical complications and for it to be actually useful regarding your magnetism.

There are plenty of powerful practices you can use to improve your sexual magnetism that don’t involve any kind of health risk or complicated energy manipulations.

Saying it in a different way: if you aren’t yet sexually magnetic, it won’t be this practice that will make it so. While you may have an energy leak within the sexual aspect, most likely the main leaks that are preventing your magnetism to shine forth are within your mind and energy development.

It’s certainly a lot more comfortable to think all your problems are related to one particular aspect that when solved will transform you completely.

Yet, reality is more complex.

If you aren’t magnetic yet, one particular technique won’t change you on the long term. A more in depth transformation of mind and energy is needed. That’s what we do in Charisma School.

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