Technology rules of thumb

Most likely you’ve read on this newsletter the issues with new technologies like netflix, cell phones (notifications), social media overall and so on.

But the problem is not with them. The problem is not netflix… is in you GIVING IN to netflix.

Yes, the technology is addictive. The addictive property is built in on the platform itself. It will make you binge watching, or returning for more, or send you many notifications.

But just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean you need to give in.

There’s plenty of options in your cell phone to stop these. My phone only has notifications for messages and calls. Nothing else. I disabled everything. Also, I use airplane mode daily and cut myself off every single day for the hours that I’m working.

I love technologies! But while they are a terrific servant, they are a terrible master. If you allow them to rule over your life and dictate what you do, you’ll be stuck without doing what you should be doing.

But, by using your Will and discipline, you can establish your own guidelines as to how to use the technologies.

For example:

No netflix until 8pm.

Only one episode per day.

Cellphone on airplane mode when I’m working.

And so on.

These simple rules of thumb can be very useful in countering the harmful distracting effects of those technologies.

Of course, you will need to adapt them to your situation. Maybe for you, at night is when you do your deep work, then naturally, you’ll schedule your leisure time for some other hour.

Or maybe you need to have your cell phone on due to work related matters. But maybe you don’t need to have notifications on from every single social media account you have.

And so on.

I encourage you to create these rules for yourself so you can become the master of your technologies instead of them becoming your masters.

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