“Thanks but I no longer need it!”

Here’s an interesting story that I wanted to share with you:

There was a man in a raft, lost in high sea. He was exhausted, depleted and hadn’t eaten in several days. We don’t really know how he got there but there were no other boats in sight and he was desperate.

He was not a religious person, but as a last resort, he prayed: “Please God, save me!”

In a few minutes, a small boat with two fishermen approached him and rescued him. As he was boarding the boat he said to God:

“Hey! Thank you but I no longer need your help. These fishermen helped me.”

This small story is not about divine intervention or religion. It’s about awareness (or lack thereof).

When we start to work with magnetism, it’s perfectly normal for your life to change.

Hopefully in the direction that you want it to change.

But inevitably change happens.

The problem is when we don’t recognize the true reasons for it.

It’s not about appreciation or being thankful (although that’s also important), it’s about knowing HOW you did it so that you may do it again in the future if you need to.

It’s only when you understand the true reasons, the methods, the techniques and the principles that you can then use them again and evolve with them.

If you are not aware of what you did or you attempt to conceal it from yourself, then the next time that you need to change something you won’t know what to do.

This happened with a student that Fabricio taught some principles of magnetism. He was going over a hard period in his life and Fabricio decided to help him by teaching him some basic principles of how energy and mind works and how to change his own magnetism.

He practiced these exercises for some time… and lo and behold, his life did change. He joined a political party and climbed its ranks quite successfully. After a couple of years, he had a great life!

He had integrated inside of him many of the magnetic principles that he never had before.

But he never actually recognized – even for himself – the effects that those magnetic principles had in him.

It was quite obvious for anyone looking from the outside to realize what happened:

In one moment, he was not magnetic and his life was in shambles, and, after learning about magnetism and practicing, he became magnetic. It seems pretty obvious, but yet, he forgot about it.

The most relevant problem is not being aware of what he did to change. Then when he needs further growth in his own magnetism, he won’t know where to turn.

Since he won’t remember what he did before, he won’t know how to grow again.

For me this was an important lesson to always recognize what I’m doing and the effects it’s causing in me. From the small things to the big ones, it’s all relevant. It’s only when you recognize and are aware that you can later use it in the future or help you grow even further!

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