That is not me

It’s easy to fool yourself during any magnetic training. You may think that you are changing because you are doing the exercises. But it’s essential to be clear that the exercises don’t change you. Only you have that ability.

The exercises will bring you awareness to several different aspects of yourself; you’ll be the one that activates the change.

And the change only comes from within. There’s no exercise anyone can share that can make you change.

There needs to be an internal want first. Then the exercises can do their job.

And this internal want is quite tricky!

“Of course, I want to be magnetic; what kind of question is that?”

Who wouldn’t want right? Well… not so fast.

In a superficial aspect, you may want it, but not in a more profound way, which may be holding you back.

Being magnetic often requires changing your “self”, which gets tricky.

Some students tell me: “but that’s not ME”. And I agree with them. In fact, it CAN’T be their “self” because their old “self” is not magnetic, and we’re trying to become magnetic, which often requires significant internal changes.

So yes, you won’t be “you”. A magnetic “you” it’s different from the “old you”. So naturally, you need to change things deep within you. And to do things you haven’t done before.

There’s no way around that.

If you’re truly ready for it, then you can start with the course:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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