The absolute need for Internal alignment

If you want to do something but for some reason, you get distracted, feel resistance, or procrastinate, it can mean that there’s something inside of you that it’s not aligned with what you want to do.

This is how your unconscious manifests itself: with impulses to do something else. As a result, a small part of you deviates from your primary goal and your Will.

There’s a part of you holding back for some reason, and you need to understand and become aware of it.

Not just intellectually – you may know all the mental reasons for it, maybe you even listed them and wrote about them – but knowing them intellectually and mentally it’s not the same as being conscious of their full effects on your body, energy, and mind.

Sometimes there can be situations that can be solved externally. Still, more often than not, you need to work on them internally.

Working on them, in this sense, is about bringing mind, body, and energy into alignment. Ensure everything inside of you is aligned with what you want to do.

This means to become aware of your procrastination and what is holding you back with a nonresistance mind, understand it, solve it, and finally allow it to flow inside you.

Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not. But alignment is essential for the excellent and fruitful use of will power.

You will notice how little will “power” you now need after this process. Whatever you need or want to do, is no longer an insurmountable mountain. After this alignment process, all you need to do is push a wheel down that mountain and let it roll. The Will then reinforces itself.

You could use the Victorian Will or a strong overbearing Will Power to overrule these aspects of you that are not in alignment. But remember, they will come back later to bite you, so that’s not an intelligent use of the Will.

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