The Amazing Experiences of the Magnetic Gaze

When I started training the Magnetic Gaze for the first time, everything seemed so weird and out of this world.All the talk and exercises aimed to develop some kind of mysterious energy inside my body and eyes was just plain weird.

I remember thinking: “this is not something normal people do”. None of my friends were doing this kind of mysterious training, aimed to develop their own energy and the power of their eyes.

They didn’t even do Yoga or Tai-Chi, which is quite normal nowadays, but wasn’t so just a few years ago.

Yet, I immediately thought right after that: “But I don’t want to be normal anyway! Most people’s normal lives bores me to death! So why care about it? If I only do the normal things, I’ll only get what everyone else also gets.”

That wasn’t ok with me. I wanted more than the “normal”. If you’re reading this, most likely you also know this feeling. The feeling of not quite fitting in. Of wanting a bit more than “normal”.

And that’s ok. You just have to accept that and follow your own path, looking at the signs around you, and above all taking action.

If I didn’t took the leap to learning the Magnetic Gaze because it wasn’t “normal” or because it seemed weird, this new and amazing path in my life would never have unfolded.

I wouldn’t have done and experienced many amazing things that completely changed the way I think and see the world around me.

You see, when we try things outside our comfort zone, outside of what is “normal”, different from everyone else we know, yet, things that seem to pull us to doing them… we are also opening our minds to the next and amazing reality that is out there, which is much more than the usual of study, get a job, get marry, buy a house, save money for retirement and die.

I always believed there was more to life than this.

And the Magnetic Gaze, as well as all the Charisma School teachings I was lucky – and open! – enough to receive them, allows everyone to explore these hidden dimensions of life… such as your own life energy, the power that lies inside your eyes, the power of Will, the hidden secrets of your mind, and much more!

You can start this journey using the Magnetic Gaze Foundations training:

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