The barebones of a strong magnetism!

William Walker Atkison wrote about the necessary qualities upon those who wish to develop the ability of “mental fascination” or as Atkinson puts it: “The action of a Mental Force that powerfully influences the imagination, desire, or will of another.”

In other words, a strong projection power.

“In considering the qualities that go to make up the person in whom Mental Fascination is likely to be strongly developed, I may mention the following:

(1) Physical Well-Being: for there is a certain strength about a man or woman in strong, robust health, that must be taken into consideration.

It is true that some persons not physically well, but unhealthy, have exercised strong powers of Fascination, but this was in spite of their lack of physical health, and owing to a strong Will which allowed them to master even this obstacle.

But, all else being equal, there is a power about a strong, healthy, vigorous person that makes itself felt.

(2) Belief in One’s Self: for without this no one manifests Positivity. Believe in your own power and ability, and you impress others with the same belief.

Confidence is contagious. Cultivate the “I Can and I Will.”

(3) Poise: for the calm, well-poised, imperturbable man has an enormous advantage over one lacking these qualities.

The man who meets any emergency without “losing his head” has something about him that makes him looked up to as a natural leader—he has one of the qualities of Positivity.

Cultivate the Calm. Masterful mood.

(4) Fearlessness: for Fear is the most negative emotion in the being of man. Fearlessness is a most Positive quality, just as Fear is the most Negative. Cultivate the “I Do—I Dare.”

(5) Concentration: for this “one-pointedness” focuses the Will Power upon the object.

Do one thing at a time, and do it with all the power that there is in you.

(6) Fixity of Purpose: for you must learn to know what you want to do, and then “stick to it” until it is done. Cultivate the Bulldog quality—it is needed.”

It’s not by accident that pretty much all of them are covered in our foundational training: 10 Steps to Inner Power.

These are the barebones qualities you need for a strong influencing power and magnetism.

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