the big mismatch inside

What you feel inside and what you are projecting (what others feel) could be as different as night from day.

Often, there’s this really big mismatch between inside and outside.

Let’s take it with sexual energy for example. You could be feeling sexual, with sexual energy flowing very well inside, yet, others not feel it – at all.

It’s usually easy to know when this happens. Without nothing fancy, you know it if you are getting no results.

You could be doing sexual energy practices everyday… but you’re getting no attraction from women you interact with. Then, you realize something is wrong.

In this situation, the most common problem is not about lack of practice. Or even the wrong internal practices.

It’s usually related to projection blocks.

This means that most of your projection sources are being blocked somewhere and people are not feeling you and your energy.

It means your voice is not projecting sexual energy. Neither your gaze, neither your movement, or your touch.

Somehow they are being blocked.

It does NOT mean you are not feeling it (even in those places). It means it’s not coming out.

Hence the mismatch between what you feel and what you are projecting.

It’s usually a lot easier to work with internal practices than with external – projection – practices. These practices require you to change something in the way that you speak, or gaze, or touch or move.

And create a lot more resistance to do it right.

Although I’ve wrote about sexual energy, any other energy or projection practice is also the same.

This is exactly what we train in Become a Sexual Man. To end the mismatch between what you feel inside and what you are projecting. The improve your external projection of sexual energy to greater heights!

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