The blocks inside yourself

There always seems to be a conflict in most of the evolution and stepping forward in your life.

This is what allows you to grow.

And this conflict is always the same: a fight between something holding you back and something wanting to move ahead.

What is holding you back is rarely conscious. It’s not something that you can identify rationally. Even if you know some rational reasons, you will find much more beneath them.

Unconscious emotional blocks and anchors always stop you from going ahead.

No amount of rational thought and deliberation will make you overcome it.

Some of them you can overcome with little effort, while others seem to be wholly solidified and almost impossible to do.

That’s because they are not logical or rational. They are something else. They were created unconsciously in your body, and then your mind created the rationalizations for it.

For example:
“I don’t like going to clubs because they are too crowded.”

This is a perfectly rational reason for it. But what do you really feel when you are in a club? What really happens in your body?

Maybe you feel a strong contraction inside you that you can’t let go of during the whole time, which is unpleasant. Then you rationalize it as being too crowded. Still, maybe the real reason is something we can only get at when we observe your body and emotions.

It doesn’t mean we should observe and unblock everything we feel, but some require careful observation. Particularly those situations that are stopping you from doing what you want.

That’s what we do in “The Unblocking Process” – carefully giving you the tools to unblock and release the anchors you feel inside.

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