The “boring” Will exercises – not anymore!

The training of the Will is one of the most fundamental trainings you can ever do.
Your sensations, your emotions, your passions, your thoughts, your unconscious movements, are transformed and enlightened by the power of your Will.
Everything in your body, mind and spirit can be under the control of your Will.
And the good news is that you can train it and develop it to greater heights. People with strong Will aren’t endowed by Nature to a strong Will. They trained themselves to have it.
And you can to!
Training of the Will is the process of providing it appropriate mental and energetic instruments, that encourage its full expression and manifestation.
You may think that the training of the Will consists in a thousand boring exercises.
Not at all!
I hate boring exercises the same as you. Counting a box of matches is not my idea of a good training. So that’s not what we focus on this training.
The actual feeling you experience is not one of “suffering” or “boredom”. It’s not like you do it but are suffering throughout the whole thing.
This feeling of “suffering” has not place in the connection to your Will.
It’s always a feeling of power that you connect to.
If you are still “suffering” through this whole situation, then you aren’t doing the right training. You are just heading to a breaking point sometime in the future.
You need this feeling of power. This feeling of connecting to an interior source that gives you a renewed strength.
When this happens, then you know you’re connecting to your Will!
You may also think that you would need to live a strenuous, hard and “pleasure-less” life if you want to develop and train your Will.
Far from it.
It’s on the Will that you find your true freedom.
What if you don’t HAVE TO smoke that cigarette, eat that cookie, behave weakly in the presence of someone stronger, be shy in the presence of the opposite sex or be nervous when public speaking?
What if you have a choice?
What if you can decide, not out of simple raw desire or habit – because you NEED TO or HAVE TO -, but out of true conscious choice – because you WANT TO – eat that cookie?
Isn’t this a more empowered life?
That’s what we train in “Will Mastery”.
Until next Tuesday (21st of April) there is a special launch price on the training. After this date the price is raised.

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