The case of “Empty Magnetism”

I’ve recently watched an interesting documentary about the Fyre festival.

For those who don’t know – like I didn’t – Fyre was a high-end festival that failed spectacularly when the organizers didn’t really planned for all the “boring” details like the infrastructure, the food, lodging and artists.

They created a mystique around the festival with the marketing that was not supported by what they actually could do. So when the paying clients arrived, all hell broke loose.

There were many interesting details about it, but what interested me the most, and the reason of why I’m writing this here to you, was how pretty much everyone described the organizer – Billy McFarland – as charismatic and able to sell ice to an eskimo.

Even at the end, after everything went to the gutter and everyone knew he was fooling so many people, he still convinced people to do other scams for him.

This is not an isolated case. There are many people with what I call “empty magnetism”.

“Empty magnetism” is when you develop your ability to project, connect and attract others without a foundation of true power underneath.

It’s magnetism without even the small amount of inner power and Will.

You simply develop the superficial aspects of it without growing your true power.

If you are the possessor of “empty magnetism” and your ambition is small – which rarely is -, it won’t be that problematic. You’ll have a few interpersonal conflicts and it will be it.

The problem begins when these persons have a large ambition and low morals. Then all kinds of shortcuts will be taken and, sooner or later, you’ll have serious consequences of it.

Which was exactly what happened to the organizer – who is now in jail.

It’s very easy to be seduced by your magnetic powers.

Particularly for those who are not used to it, it’s easy to be carried away by the attention and attraction. Inner power is the foundation to personal magnetism precisely to avoid this.

To keep a clear head when everyone is losing theirs. To keep a strong foundation and focus on your true Will.

That’s why the 10 Steps to Inner Power is the recommended first training of our curriculum. To develop this strong foundation and training your Will.

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