The Charisma Basics Part 1

I’ve often been asked what are the basics of Charisma. What do you really need to develop in order to become

The next few emails will be the answer to this question.

You can never hope to increase your charisma or personal magnetism without first familiarize yourself with the tools of this power. Some of them are:


Tension Energy
You’ve read about it on previous newsletters and if you are a Charisma School student you’re already developing it and getting results.

It’s fundamental to develop this energy to increase your baseline of magnetism. This is the backdrop of which personal magnetism and charisma are built.

It makes you shine while it increases your strength.

This tension energy is a strange and mysterious form of energy, which controls all physical movements and yet, at the same time, appears to be something higher than merely the physical.

It’s a mighty subtle force of nature that no one truly understands.

Fortunately, we don’t really need to understand it in order to use it.

With exercises to develop it, we can use this energy for our own goals of Personal Magnetism.


Mind Control
No, we’re not talking about the CIA experiments or subliminal messages to control the mind of others… besides, to actually influence or persuade the minds of others to do something, you first need to control your own.

That’s where most people stop.

Because it’s hard work to develop the necessary mind abilities like a laser focus concentration, inner voice control, observation training and so on.

But it’s well worth it. To live with a mind that you understand, control and direct to your own goals and objectives in life, it’s priceless!


Behavior Modification
There can be no personal magnetism if you are weak with others or yourself. Some behaviors must change the hard way: by actually deciding to do it, and doing it.

There’s no way around it.

Part 2 tomorrow.

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