The Charisma Basics Part 2

Yesterday we went over three of the Charisma School basic tools: Tension Energy, Behavior Modification and Mind Control.

Now we’ll go over the other the remaining ones:


Emotional Re-Education:
It’s interesting how most people don’t know how to handle their own emotions. We would expect it to be fairly common to learn how to deal with anxiety, depressive feelings, conflicts of desire and so on.

Yet, even though these negative emotions happen to us every day, most people don’t really know what to do with them, and as such, psychological disorders are increasing every single day.

It’s fundamental for our own Inner Power, not to mention Personal Magnetism, to deal with them and process them so they can get out of our way and even better… using them in our own growth!


Sexual Energy
We live in a highly sexualized society. We see advertising with a sexual tone every other page of a magazine and in pretty much every billboard across town.

This creates an influx of sexual energy on most people. Some of those, with fulfilled sexual lives channel this energy there. But for the vast majority of the population, they don’t have this happy sexual lives, the energy just get stagnant in the body.

In a previous email I wrote “When sex becomes destructive”, I talked about the several ways we can use this Sexual Energy. One way or the other, we must learn to control it if we want to either 1) use it for the development of our own sexual magnetism or 2) for our own well being.

There’s serious dangers in letting this energy stagnant in our body.


Magnetic Gaze

The Magnetic Gaze is one of our fundamental tools for charisma, personal influence and energy development.

It’s one of the cornerstones of Charisma School as it develops a very deep energetic power. It goes much deeper than all the other methods into the concept of energy and its growth to the use in projection and magnetism.

The Magnetic Gaze is so much more than the development of your eyes. It encompasses concentration, energy, breathing, will, brain, among others.

To be able to project energy capable of influencing others through your eyes, you need a full human potential development.
State of Pure Will
And finally, our latest development is the state of Pure Will. This is a state that for the last few years I’ve been teaching only to my private training clients since it’s a very subtle yet powerful state.

This is the difference between those who try all the techniques regardless of the method with minimal results and those who truly achieve success!

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